Courses and Workshops

Check out our Microbiology Course Promotion outlined in green below!

Only $20 per workshop and five workshops will cover all material in the course!

We have both day and evening classes.

Day classes meet Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 11.00 A.M to 2.00 P.M.
Evening classes meet Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7.00 P.M to 10.00 P.M.
Course schedule and fee:

All our courses, except the biotechnology course, are of ten week duration consisting of 90 clock hours. Biotechnology course is a twenty week course thus requiring two ten week sessions to complete. All sessions meet three times per week for 3 hours each and have a tuition fee of $400.00 per course. Biotechnology course requiring two sessions to complete has a tuition fee of $800.00.


  • Lab Starter

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    Learn to setup and operate a functional integrated science lab:
    Course Fee: $400
    Supply Fee: $100
    Total: $500

  • A basic and applied course in Microbiology which is...

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    ...the root of all that we now know in biology including biochemistry, physiology, molecular biology, genetics, biotechnology and genetic engineering, and on the applied side about food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and a host of fermentation industries producing not just wine and beer but also alcohol as fuel and fermented foods such a yogurt and many others, plus sanitation, water purification and sewage disposal including environmental issues and their control, medical and paramedical professions, including treatment and prevention of infectious diseases plus the exploration of extraterrestrial space and the biology if any of other planets. The application and opportunities provided by this subject are endless. This is one session, ten week long course.
    Course Fee: $400.00
    Supply Fee: $100.00
    Total: $500.00

    Promo Price: $20
    The promo workshops meet every Saturday from 12:00 noon to 3:00 P.M. and are open to students ages 12 years and above. Register today!

Professional Development Workshops:

Most if not all of the teachers currently teaching in our schools and colleges are the products of the fragmented mode of education. They thus teach in a compartmentalized fashion teaching subjects or disciplines but not in an integrative fashion leaving the integration and understanding part to the students who, due to their limited background, have hard time doing the required integration. Learning thus suffers plus the fragmented mode of teaching is also expensive and time consuming. The integrative form of teaching resolves this dilemma enabling a teacher to teach better and faster with retention and administrators to become conservative in the allocation of time, space and resources. Being an integrative center of learning, we are recommending that all teachers, not just the specialty teachers teaching certain subjects such as science need to take such courses and workshops. This is one session, ten week long course.

Collectively these courses and workshops are the seeds which set the stage for life long learning making a person versatile, creative and self reliant.

  • Technotherapy™

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    A new modality for psychotherapy. When the gnawing fear of “not knowing” is gone, a healthy psyche emerges! This process starts with increasing one’s awareness which our courses and workshops are geared to provide.
    Workshop Fee: $100

  • Green Microbiology™

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    This workshop is a preamble to the Green Microbiology™ course which uses only safe organisms to teach all the essentials of Microbiology!

    Since microbes carry a connotation of disease and danger, people are rather apprehensive to the point of being fearful to deal with the microbes or work with them. In order to avert that fear, we have developed a complete course of Microbiology using only safe organisms such as those used in the fermentation industries e.g., in yogurt making etc. This course thus uses only probiotic organisms and other organisms belonging to bio-safety level one. This course thus, by using these safe organisms, is able to teach all the basic concepts and skills of Microbiology without any danger to the participant yet the students learn to take all the necessary precautions such as the use of aseptic technique and preventing contamination.
    Workshop Fee: $100

  • Applied Skills

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    Specific topic based intensive weekend workshops for science teachers: These are totally hands-on immersion workshops thoroughly covering one topic such as spectrophotometry, electrophoresis, chromatography, microscopy or histology such as tissue preparation, sectioning etc.
    Course Fee: $150.00
    Supply Fee: $50.00
    Total Fee: $200

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