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Technotherapy ™ - An unexpected Therapeutic outcome of integrative learning



An unexpected outcome of this form of integrative teaching is a new form of Therapy that we
call Technotherapy™.

The way this works is that when the stress of “not knowing”
which haunts most everyone is removed, the knowledgeable person feels
empowered and self assured instead of being depressed or suffering
from ever increasing anxiety attacks and mounting low self esteem.

That gives new meaning to the phrase - "knowledge is power" - changing it to
"knowledge is the foundation of mental, social, physical and spiritual health!"

Technotherapy™ explained


We are thought controlled entities and what we think, observe, interpret and thereby respond
to, affect our physiology and thereby our sense of well being. The only dilemma is that
we are also capable of controlling our thoughts which depends on the extent of our
knowledge and knowingness.

This means that when we do not know much, we feel anxious and confused and those states
of our BEING then dictate our physiology and our sense of well being which in
this case manifest as confusion and eventually hopelessness leading to dysfunction and
even depression.

All conventional therapeutic modalities including medication are transient buffers to the
underlying “truth” which the organism knows and cannot escape from unless a more
permanent and a believable thought entity, especially if it arises from within the
organism is provided.

Living in a fast paced society and relying heavily on our fragmented educational system
where the concepts and skills we need for life, work or for a career are not taught in a
cohesive, sequential manner which, in the manner taught, are very difficult to cope with
or make sense of. The resulting state of “not-knowingness” thus not only makes us
anxious and confused it also sends subliminal messages that since I am not able to
understand any of this, there must be something fundamentally wrong with me. That
feeling then generates the next rung of the problem manifesting as “I am just not good
enough” and therefore cannot do anything right or learn anything other than survive the
best I can and save some semblance of my self worth by externalizing the causes of my
dilemma, blaming on the society, parents, home, school or work environment or on mere
bad luck.

These are powerful negative forces impacting the “evolving child” who, finding no escape
from them, “allows” the hopelessness to manifest its physiological and psychological
consequences and elects to remain trapped within those feelings because
at least his or her “physical self” is still remaining intact.

Suicidal tendencies emerge when this state of uncertainty becomes unbearable because deep
down the “Self” still longs to BECOME and manifest its full potential.

Technotherapy™ is a non-invasive, therapeutic modality wherein the “evolving child” is
provided with or rather exposed to a methodically designed learning environment where
he or she can learn in a systematic, step by step manner all what we know and have
learned from our beginning to now and thereby become part of our evolving world.

We start this exposure to knowledge and knowingness with science mainly because science
has been and still is the major part of our functional and conceptual knowledge base.
Our way of teaching, however, is different from the conventional way of teaching

Here, we do not teach science via subjects but via a group 150 concepts and skills that
scientists use to do day to day science. This is the true form of hands-on learning where
the participants get exposed to the various instruments scientists use and how,
when and why they use them with what expected outcome.

The teaching here is also project based where the participants from the very start begin by
thinking of a problem and how to resolve it. This approach cultivates in the student the
ability to pick and choose a particular approach, a procedure or an instrument as and
when it is needed in the investigative part of the project.

This thus is not a “cook book” form of learning science where the students generally follow
the recipes without knowing why they are doing what they are doing. This does
not happen at the center because the students are planning and controlling their own

In the project based format of learning that the center uses, the students get so involved and
they learn so many different concepts and skills that the “gnawing feeling” of I do not
know much just walks away leaving them with a sense of fulfillment, vigor and

The “Will to Purpose” thus takes over changing the overall physiology and psychology of the

What could be more therapeutic, especially when the individual now has the options of finding
a job or embarking on a life long career?

We are thus proposing to all the professionals and lay persons working in the social,
educational and psychological domains to combine their regimen of therapy with
Technotherapy™ which will require that the “patient” or rather the “client” in addition to
taking the prescribed conventional therapy will also simultaneously participate in the
“learning sessions” at the center which are the basis of Technotherapy™.

The outcome of the combined therapeutic regimen could then be quantified in terms of the
duration of the combined therapy vs conventional therapy alone. Likewise the cost of the
two can also be measured and quantified.

To learn more about Technotherapy™, take the one day workshop on Technotherapy™ the
Center offers. Fee for the workshop is $100.00 and a buffet lunch will be provided. To
register click Register for Technotherapy™

In addition to Technotherapy™, check out the following links to know additional benefits of
integrating learning and how these can broaden your horizons making you
knowledgeable, analytical and versatile.

These will also show you another side of life and our society much of which remains hidden
from us because we believe, or are made to believe, that the prevailing ways of preparing
for living is the best way and we need to conform to it to grow so to become part of our
evolving society.

Often times this requirement to conform goes against our own better judgment yet we push
ourselves to conform sacrificing our true self in the process feeling unhappy about the
results. Yet we stubbornly hang on to and continue doing what is “expected” of us
despite the fact that it is affecting our overall state of well being.

Perhaps these alternate ways of thinking and doing help you get out of your dilemma!

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opposed to the current subject based way of teaching science see:

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was being trained as a janitor but after gotten exposed to the integrative way of
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Associate Professor (Emeritus)
University of Illinois at Chicago
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