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We bring the world to you in its totality


In order to bring the world to you in its totality we integrate all we have learned from
our beginning to now.

This looks like a monumental task only because we are used to seeing it
all spread out in bits and pieces broken up into subjects,
specialties and sub-specialties.

But if we integrate everything we know chronologically giving also the
circumstances under which those discoveries were made
, we end up with an interesting story of human evolution which
besides being interesting also turns out to be not that lengthy.

Additionally, as we take out all the minutia and the redundancies,
the concepts and skills, which drive our knowledge and our world,
end up to be even fewer?

Science, for instance, via this sifting and sorting process
ends up consisting of only 150 concepts and skills which if learned first
in a hands-on fashion in a lab setting make the whole of
science easy to learn and navigate through.

Same happens to our knowledge of art, music, humanities, sociology, psychology
and economics etc.They too shrink and when we merge their essence
with that of science, we end up with a holistic collage of practically
the whole of our functional knowledge easy to learn, master and use.