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As a child at home


Remember when you were a new born baby, you were learning and growing on your
own by observing and imitating what you saw, heard, touched and felt around
you. At that time you were using your innate learning abilities and you were
doing pretty well. Then we sent you to school where you had to learn what you
were told and not what came natural to you. You also had to learn their way
which was not natural to you. So you began to fall behind and got blamed for not
learning and even got branded as learning disabled.

At the Center for Integrative Learning we do not do that to you. We in fact want you to
continue using your innate learning abilities and for those abilities to continue
manifesting we bring the world to you in its totality so you can feel and experience
what the world is all about and using the same strategy you used at home
to learn about the home now use it to learn about the world.

The fear of facing the unknown world, thus disappears and you
end up becoming a versatile knowledgeable person who enjoys learning
and growing instead of hiding from the world. In the process you also saved
from much of life’s stresses and anxieties enabling you to become a versatile
knowledgeable person with a continually evolving self esteem.