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Center for Integrative Learning

We are a special educational institution which was founded after realizing that
schooling including college and university education is much too long and
expensive and is actually an obstacle to learning specially when it can be made
less time consuming and less expensive by integrating knowledge
including the essential skills which go with that knowledge.

We have succeeded in doing just that and are implementing the resulting
integrative curriculum via this Center where you can get a head start
on education thereby have a better chance of succeeding in colleges and universities.

Our aim thus is not to replace colleges and universities but to provide
them with better prepared students to benefit from what colleges
and universities have to offer.

In addition to providing you with an integrated, interconnected and carefully
selected portions of our accumulated knowledge, we are also
encouraging you to continue developing and honing your
natural learning instincts which you have been using successfully
from the time you were born and ever since.

In designing this integrative educational approach, we are actually mimicking
how a new born infant learns whom we are using
as our model for designing a system of learning for adults
where the main theme is that from home the child needs to be
exposed to the world. But since schooling is mandatory, schools
need to bring the world to the child instead of their fragmented, rather
abstract, curriculum which the child is not yet ready to comprehend let
alone cope with.